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Tour time: 1 day

This tour includes two very interesting cities, Jajce and Banja Luka. It is a perfect tour not only for nature lovers but also for people who are seeking for interesting history and culture. It starts early in the morning from Sarajevo to Jajce. During the road we can make a short coffee break in the old medieval Bosnian city called Travnik. When we arrive to Jajce you will immediately stay amazed with the waterfall view. This waterfall is special because it is the only one in Europe which flows straight through the town center. In Jajce we will also get the chance to enjoy in the forts of Bosnian kings, Pliva Lake and old corn mills. After exploring Jajce we are continuing our adventure to Banja Luka. As soon as we arrive to Banja Luka you will be able to see the most interesting place in this city called the old Kastel. Then we will take a lunch break in a restaurant next to the river Vrbas and after that we will walk through the town center and enjoy in very interesting architecture. On our way back we will use different mountain roads so you will get a chance to enjoy in several gorgeous views. At the end you will be very glad that you chose this trip and visit this two cities.