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Gorazde is located on the left side of the Drina River at the famous Bosnian (Drina) road that connected  Dubrovnik to the interior of Balkan. The dilemma is whether the name of the village comes from the Slavic word "gorazd" (Milica Grković), from the word 'burn' (Djoko Mazalić) or from the gorovitih regious around.

The first data about Gorazde as a village dates from March 1376 (and Gorazde). The former registered transport from Dubrovnik to Gorazde and inversely shows the importance of Gorazde area which represents himself as the  market for salt and export for leather. Gorazde is a market that was in the hands of the Kosače ("in Gorazde ad forum voiuode Sandagl"). It has its own fortress, called Nova, which is mentioned in charters during Stephen Vukčić 1444 and 1454 (Nonio Gorazde; Civitate New and Drina cum Castris et pertinentiis suis).

Gorazde fell under Ottoman rule 1465 years. The administration was in the system of the Herzegovina sandzak and  Foca´s (Drina) Kadiluk. It was the seat of nahija. In the 19th century, it was occasionally the seat of Kadiluk, then it belongs to Cajnice. In the period from 1519 to 1523. year along with the church of st. Durda operates the printing office under the direction of brothers Durda and Teodora Ljubavica. In the mid of 16th century was built a wooden bridge over the river Drina. In the 17th century the economic development of the village gets new momentum. In the 18th century there is mentioned two mosques the endowments of beg Sijerčić. In the Austro-Hungarian Empire strengthens the road infrastructure, education, commerce and trades, in modern time are also developing the  industrial plants. Under the Austro-Hungarian Empire were constructed a barrack in 1886.

Sight you can visit in Gorazde:

Roman Catholic Chapel of St. Dominic Guzman

The citizens of Bosnia-Podrinje Canton, catholic religious perform their rituals in the chapel of "Saint Dominic" which is located in Gorazde, and within which is a parish office, while citizens of the Orthodox religion Podrinje Canton Gorazde perform their religious rituals in the Orthodox chapel in Gorazde, which is a part of the Serbian Orthodox parish of Gorazde. Citizens of  Orthodox religion  in the municipality of Ustikolina perform their religious rituals at the  St. Spirit on the Apostles. Next to the church there is an old church grounds, or the place where it was the old church which was demolished in the fifteenth century under the Ottomans empire.