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Igman is a mountain in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located southwest of Sarajevo, surrounding Bjelašnica mountain and part of Ilidža. Igman 's highest point is 1502 meters high, which in turn puts Igman as one of the lowest Sarajevo mountains. Igman is a popular destination for hiking and skiing. During the 14th Winter Olympics, Igman was together with Jahorina and Bjelasnica, one of the main venues. There is still plenty of facilities on Igman dating from that time, but most are destroyed during the last war. Currently, there are plans for a new lift between Igman and Ilidža - Hrasnica. Today Igman is one of the leading tourist attractions in the area of Sarajevo.

Abundant forests with various and lush flora and fauna species, and superb landscapes make this natural resort ideal for hunting, hiking, paragliding, horseback riding, mountain biking, quad riding, etc. High biodiversity is recorded at Babin do and the Ravna vala rainforest.

Igman has an extremely high ozone level and is ideal for sport team trainings. Veliko polje was a venue of Nordic skiing competition in 1984; together with Bjelasnica it has over 50 km of Nordic skiing slopes and 160 km of mountain biking trails with markings. Mraziste (thermal inversion phenomena) is located at Igman. The lowest temperature is -43.5 °C recorded in January, 1963. Due to such conditions, a silver fox-run had been established here. Malo polje is connected with Babin dol via bicycle trails. Remains of the two skiing jumps (70 and 90 meters) built for the purposes of the Winter Olympics are still visible. 

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