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The Jahorina Olympic sports centre is situated on a mountain it gets its name from, Jahorina. Sarajevo and Jahorina hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics and to this day this mountain remains one of the largest ski resorts and winter tourism centres in the Balkans. The highest mountain peak is Ogorjelica, (1,916 m), followed by Sjendište (1,910 m), Košuta (1,907 m) and Crni Vrh (1,788 m). Over 25 km of perfectly prepared ski trails with 3 six-seats, 4 ski lifts and 2 two-seats, which can transport more than 10,000 skiers per hour welcome you at your arrival. The average number of snowy days on Jahorina is 175, from October to the end of May. The ten-year average snow depth in February is 106 cm. The reason for that is the fact that Jahorina lies on the boundary of the Mediterranean and continental air masses, which means the climate is highly suitable for snow. The favourable climate ensures excellent conditions for preparations of athletes competing in various sports, for guests suffering from respiratory diseases, as well as for everyone else who wants to use all the magic this stunning mountain beauty has to offer. Touring beautiful lookouts with many forest and medicinal herbs enables our guests to enjoy these intact natural riches and intoxicating fragrance of medicinal herbs. In summer, the mountain is covered in green grass, and the vegetation consists of beech, fir, spruce and maple, as well as vast pastures and meadows. The mountain has a highly favourable climate with beautiful springs and summers.