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A mountain that unites so many natural values, is leaving nobody lukewarm.

Its weather, season and even short vacation, are all the reasons for long lasting and unbreakable bond for each in person.

A mixture of almost untouched simplicity of nature and its beauty can not be bought nor imitated. As simple as that, charm of this mountain is found and recognized.

Vlasic is so eagerly following the needs and wishes of modern men, adapting its tourism offer without endangering natural balance. That is why this mountain has been and will be appreciated by those seeking hiking, sports, paragliding, fishing or just taking long walks and enjoying fresh and healthy air. Because of this, spending time on Vlasic is considered spending it in air spa. Its a place for healthy and ill, kids and elders, but also businessmen and youngs.

Its as comfortable in summer as in winter time, by the river Ugar in summer, a typical mountain river, or visiting the highest peak Paljenik at 1943 meters, for those seeking for adventure.

All this beauty is only 28 km from Travnik, approachable even in winter time and with up to one meter of snow.

Eco Fis Vlasic

The tourist village of Eco-Fis Vlasic is 1 km away from Babanovac. Eco-FIS Vlasic welcomes our guests all the year round. The village is made up in the way to attract nature- lovers during the winter and the summer offering its ski trails and numerous sport- recreational facilities.