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City Jablanica is known as a tourist destination that has a natural beauty and warm people, also it is known for its delicious lamb on a spit. The traditional way of preparing lamb on a spit has brought glory too many restaurants, which are located on the main road M-17 south of Jablanica. Restaurants during the day and night full of people. Like most buses are coming from the south from Mostar or north from Sarajevo, they pause and stop in Jablanica so that passengers can enjoy this special gourmet specialties.

Jablanica lake

is one of the largest artificial river lakes in this part of Europe. It stretches from the dam near Jablanica to Konjic. It is long 31 kilometers. This lake attracts many fishermen and swimmers. It is suitable for water sports, especially sailing. The lake is rich with different fish, such as trout, Marble trout, Leuciscus svallize, Common  carp, White chub, Prussian carp.