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The magnificent bridge and the noise of the Neretva will permanently attach you to Konjic.

Many will say that Konjic is a small town, but no matter how the surface is small, its charm is unsurpassed. That the attraction of this city is magical, you will realize after the first conversation with one of its inhabitants. You will hardly find people with so much love talking about their city and nevertheless remain loyal to him in whatever corner of the world they are.

Sights you can visit in Konjic:

Old Bridge

It was built in 1682 and with the Visegrad bridge on the Drina River and the Old Bridge in Mostar, it is one of the most important buildings in BiH, according too many components it is a unique medieval building. The bridge is a masterpiece of architecture of the seventeenth century. As this was the only crossing over the Neretva, in 1946 was made a new concrete bridge lower than the bridge, which is still in operation. In July 2003 the Commission to Preserve National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina declared it as a national monument of importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2006 Konjic municipality has started to work on the reconstruction of the old stone bridge, as well as the revitalization of the old bazaar with the reconstruction of old shops that were right next to the bridge. Commission to Preserve National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina in July 2003 decided that the historic building-remains of an old stone bridge in Konjic declare as a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tito's bunker

Tito's bunker in Konjic was a well-kept secret for years. It was built in secret from 1953 to 1979, called DO ARK that in the case of an atomic disaster Tito and his 350 closest associates could hide there. This impressive space, mass concrete construction, is situated on approximately 6,500 square meters of space and 300 meters depth below the surface. Bunker was built with the intention that in the case of a (nuclear) war, functions as a center of military operations (shelter for the Supreme Command Staff) and shelter for President Tito, his family and closest associates.

This facility, which resembles a labyrinth, with more than a hundred rooms and fully preserved inventory (consisting of a number of residential space, conference room, offices and a "presidential block"), was designed to provide a smooth life of 350 people for six months. By the 90s the construction and existence of this bunker was the most closely guarded military secret.

Boracko lake

It lies at the northeastern foot of the mountain Prenj, at an altitude of 397 m. The swimming pool of the lake was created by the process of glacial erosion. The lake has an elliptical shape. Boracko lake receives water from the Boracko streams and a number of nearby sources, which are placed on the bottom of the lake.

Eco Village Heaven in Heaven

Offering a small outdoor pool and a-la-carte restaurant, Eco village “Heaven in Heaven” is located near the city of Konjic, 8 km away. Surrounded by untouched mountains and rivers, it offers a good starting point for numerous outdoor activities. All bungalows will provide you with a patio and a small fridge. Featuring a bath, private bathrooms also come free toiletries. You can enjoy a mountain view and a river view from all the rooms. The property can offer a mobile air conditioning device. At Eco village “Heaven in Heaven” guests can also find a tennis court and a fitness center. Other facilities offered include a games room and a kids' club. An array of activities can be enjoyed on site or in the surroundings, including cycling, hiking and billiards. Rafting and hiking trips could be organized on site. Jablanicko Lake can be reached in 2 km.