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Medjugorje is one of the most famous Roman Catholic shrines in the world. It became famous for the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which first started in 1981, after which he began to develop religious tourism. Since then this place, near Sarajevo, one of the most visited tourist centers in BiH, which yearly round about a million Catholics from around the world. Shrine of Medjugorje is still retained its original charm, where pilgrims find peace in faith. Center of the Shrine of the Queen of Peace, as the Shrine of Medjugorje officially called, is the church. James in the center of town.

Sights you can visit in Medjugorje :

The church of St. Jakov

After the founding of the parish in 1892, the first parish church, at that time a large and beautiful, was completed in 1897. Due to the unstable ground on which it was built, its walls soon began to shoot a whole building to sink, and immediately after the First World War were made to build a new church, which works lasted from 1934 to 1969, when this was consecrated. The church of St. James is today the focus and the center of both sacramental and prayer life, not only parishioners and pilgrims.

Ethno Village Herceg

Herceg Ethno Village Medjugorje is a hotel and resort complex opened in late 2008, spread over five acres of land with more than  50 stone objects. The complex offers accommodation facilities in 70 modern rooms, a restaurant and other different amenities.The center of the complex is the restaurant Herceg, than a hamlete of 10 stone houses with accommodation of 4* category and three more suites. Adjacent to it there is a shopping area with dozen souvenir shops offering many handicrafts and traditional products such as honey or freshly ground flour.For business purposes there is a conference hall with capacity of  250 seat and next to it a big amphiteheater for cultural and folklor performances. Further more in 2012 a big multifuctional hall Katarina and depandance with 40 rooms were constructed. The project is not finished because in summer 2014 was opened a new swiming pool. Innovative and famous becasue of its bio-design technology offering about 1200m2 of water surface with open bar, outdoor fintess and more things.