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"If God wanted to create the world anywhere, then he created it in Stolac"
Ivo Andric (Nobel Prize winner)

Sights you can visit in Stolac:

Radimlja Tombstones

Necropolis Radimlja is located in Vidovo field, 3 km west from Stolac. After the number of copies, diversity and representation of all basic forms, relatively high artistic quality , the wealth of plastic decorations, relief performances and inscriptions that mention the famous historical figures, as well as its unusual location and accessibility, the necropolis Radimlja belongs to the most valuable medieval monuments in BiH. Necropolis in Radimlja are admitted as the most decorated necropolis in BiH.

For its artistically images of necropolis on Radimlja is one of the most valuable and most important necropolis tombstones at all.  At the fifth session the Commission adopted a decision to proclaim the historic site - necropolis Radimlja near Stolac as a national monument. The monument is called Radimlja – Necropolis Tombstones was located on the Provisional List of National Monuments.

Fortress of Ali Pasha Rizvanbegovic

Hajji Mehmed Bey Rizvanbegovic (Stolac, the other half 18.vijeka - Stolac, 27.february 1832), better known as Hadji Bey or Hadzun, first and last captain of Hutov office. Some historians consider him as a  "true and last knight of our regions.