Bosnia has invested in tourism facilities while preparing for the best tourist season ever and that's why those whose business is tourism are hit the worst.

We were a successful business company until COVID - 19 took place and stopped the whole World.

As you, dear client know, it's best that you #stayhome. As all things, COVID - 19 will pass and life will get back to normal, while staying safe.

We would greatly appreciate your support to our, now struggling business, by purchasing this voucher. By doing so you are investing in your future while getting ready for that much-needed vacation in Bosnia and Hercegovina with our company.

We would like to show you gratitude by giving you a discount on all services that we provide together with our partners. In an effort to support tourism in Bosnia & Herzegovina you can buy a gift card (travel voucher) valid for 24 months and enjoy a guaranteed discount of 10% on our final invoice. Pay 100€ in advance and get an extra 10% discount on the final price.

We guarantee discount on these services:

  • Travel package
  • Rent-a car
  • Rent-a house/apartment/hotel room
  • Tour guide service

The voucher of 100 € will be included in your final price on the invoice. Thank you for supporting our small business it makes a big difference and we really appreciate your support. We hope that you stay safe and to see you soon.


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