Create your own trip

We as a travel agency next to the existing tourism and adventure offer, also offer the option "Create your own holidays".

The vision of this category is that with the help of our professional team and their tips you create yourself an unforgettable travel package. This allows you to experience the beauty of this country in your way, and to create a package that will satisfy all your needs and desires that you have when you travel.

Do you want to visit sights or to feel the spirit of adventure, or perhaps a combination of both, then we Prime Travel Sarajevo are the right choice for you.

To create your own package first you have to select the sightseeing or excursion you want. When you have selected, at the right corner will appear an option to add to cart. After that you will get the opportunity to proceed with the shopping or to finish the order. If you decided to proceed with the shopping option, just repeat the procedure. Once you have decided that you finished with your package, a list with your chosen sightseeing or excursion will be opened. After you check the list, please fill the given „Order info“ and klick the Order option. At the end, on the screen you will get a confirmation that you have successfully completed the order and our team will respond to you by e-mail as soon as possible. Thank you for your trust!

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